All Apologies

You’ve probably lost your faith in me to keep up this blog, but that’s okay, because really, I’m only disappointing 8 people. Just know that I am making other people happy.

I’m moving over to

Why? Posterous let’s me post from my e-mail! Plain and simple, which is what I need right now considering my schedule. I gots no time to wait for pages to load. What a waste of life.

To apologize, here is a picture of my girlfriend.

Oh, I gets mine.


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Hello World

In a couple of days, I’m going international: Global News Enterprises.

Uhhh, sweet as?

I’m not crashing – as I usually do – I actually got invited to be apart (for once in my life…) of this GlobalPost thingamajig, partners with Huffington Post -WWHHHAAA?! – does this mean I get to meet The John?

I did promise Dutch Chi – rather enebriatedly – that I’ll pick up where he left off.

So, here we go. The ruler’s back, less like Jay-Z, more like Michael Jordan. Aherm, no photos, please.


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New city, new home, new job, new food, old dog

When I Find Time – Cody ChesnuTT

But I do have time for twitter (Thirstythong twitter) and tumblr (Thirstythong tumblr).

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How I’m spending my time back in the bay

A very American moment

Great Expectations

A story from my childhood


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Bilo Dream

Hi. I Bilo.

I have surprise for you. No, maybe not something in my popcorn cup. Yes, maybe a kiss on your ear in noontime.


I long time quit Petrolimex and work work work work somewhere not there. Secret, you knowing. You trusting?

Actuality, I so cottamn lazy.

I go with that vig Thong. He say he take me in the suitcase. I give middle finger. I am very excitable. You touch me, I stop world I melt. I listening to Cure baby.

That vig Hai, he talk about dream. I want to living the dream also.


I go to San Francisco, home of the Vinh. I hope to live like the Vinh. First time I eat food of Mexico and food of Ethiopia people. Cheer for me!

Maybe I go to find my love of life. Maybe I date beautiful lovely who love me too.

Maybe I open business. I find my beautiful lovely. We marry. I buy a dog but not eat. I care for the dog and beautiful lovely. We have childs. I love the life. I buy the house. I buy electrocute car. I charge and drive. I buy a house. I make the gate. I paint all white. I buy a vase. The glass break in my business. I buy the new glass. I change my own. I buy the eggs. I cook the bacon. I buy perfume. My wife wear. She smell good. I buy shampoo for child. My child smell successful. I eat the steak. I buy the exercising machine. I exercise. I have loving affair with woman not immigrant. I LIVING THE DREAM! AMERICA OH YEAH OH YEAH!

Thank you.

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The Night Of A Snake’s Heart

What happens when you give Thong a Canon Powershot G9?

Life becomes beautiful again.

…and he does his best Noodlepie impressions.

The night’s players:

Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart, up-close and personal:

And more at my flickr.

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The Truth Hurts

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